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Vessel Length Reduction

We can offer various levels of Surveys from "Basic Mechanical Surveys" right through to "Full Vessel Surveys" 


Conversions based on either either motorised Dutch Barges or "Dumb" Barges such as thames lighters and old military barges to suit the customers exact requirements.

We work with the client to understand how they want to "live" in their new space, 

Brokerage / Houseboats for Sale

Live Aboard / Houseboat ​Conversions

Reducing the length of your barge really is a viable option if you are looking to either drastically reduce your annual mooring costs or getting your ideal vessel to fit into a mooring that has a length restriction on it.

Its a service that many people offer, but very few can deliver a quality result that minimises the visual impact a modification like this can have.

Its a service we can provide, click here to find out more and see pictures of previous work as well as some "what not to do's" that were undertaken by other companies.